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Are you polishing composite restorations correctly?

 *Research studies at the University of Bergen, Norway by Henrik H. Olsen and Peter A. Paulsen, show that polishing in combination with Viking Green stone gives a statistically significant smoother surface after high shine polishing

  • Initial polishing and anatomic contouring
  • Time reduced for high shine polishing
  • Smoother surface*
  • Unique tactility
  • Consistently sharp polishing mode

“The most important reason why I use Viking Green Stones and recommend others to use them, is that it gives better surface connection, it’s easier to control, therefore, reducing damage to the enamel”

Torgils Lægreid

Dentist, PhD Composite fillings, University of Bergen, Norway

”…when polishing composite fillings Viking green stones are excellent for polishing occlusal surface and anatomic contouring ”

Thor Egil Westberg

University lecturer and Dentist, University of Oslo, Norway

“Viking Green Stones have a self-sharpening effect; as they wear down in size they remain just as sharp, whereas a diamond bur will gradually become blunt”

Kjetil Reppen

University lecturer and Dentist, University of Oslo, Norway