A family business for over a century

Foss Viking is a family business originating from Fetsund in Norway, located in the countryside east of Oslo. It has celebrated its 75th  anniversary and is a third generation company that is delighted to have maintained this heritage and reputation. Foss Viking continues to deliver innovative products and exceptional customer experience.

Its roots date back further in history with its parent company, Foss Slipeskivefabrikk, founded in Norway in 1898 by two entrepreneurial brothers, Anton and Kristian Foss. This operation manufactured grinding instruments of highest quality to industries, including aerospace, automotive and shipping.  It also served as a significant source of employment to the local community for many generations.

The carborundum stone technology continued in to a sub division of dental products, founded in 1939, which became known as Foss Viking. In the 1940s, its director Hallvard Foss, also developed pioneering research in to the application of diamond grinding technology. The result was dental burs of unique industrial quality.

The company was established as an independent entity by Ludvig Foss in the early 1980s. He ran this with his wife Berit Foss until 2010. Ludvig is the father of the current owner and has dedicated his whole career to grinding and polishing technology. He is still involved on a consultative basis, bringing a wealth of experience and technical knowledge.

Premises over 100 years