Why should customers choose VIKING?

Product quality

We manufacture quality products with a relatively high component of manual processes in order to ensure the unique quality. Our expertise in manufacturing and process efficiency enables this to be run cost efficient.

Service and customer satisfaction that goes beyond

We are a small family business and are known for a strong focus on service and flexibility for our customers and users. Everyone will get a personal focus and YOU will never feel as just being one in a big crowd. Being that you work with sales or customer service at one of our dealers, you are a dentist, working with a dentist or any other users of our product for that matter. Everyone is equally important to us for the continuation of our company.

VIKING Quality guarantee

Your feedback is very important to us in order to secure that we continually develop and improve our business. We are genuinely interested in understanding our customers and we listen to you with the biggest respect for the complexity of your profession. We will replace any product you should be dissatisfied with, no matter what reason.
If any of the above does not meet your expectations as a customer or partner. I hope that you will let us know. We highly value this feedback and it helps us with continuous improvements in our quality work according to ISO standards.